New In: The Ordinary 100% Niacinamide Powder

I’ve updated my skincare routine with a new product from The Ordinary. I don’t add new products to my skincare routine that often because I usually repurchase the same products over and over again. Even though I love to try new products, I’ll never be that person who changes her skincare routine every month just for fun. I was surprisingly ecxited to try The Ordinary 100% Niacinamide Powder when it launched and I finally bought it for myself.

Why I bought it? I must admit, I bought The Ordinary 100% Niacinamide Powder because of the hype around it. I was never a fan of their famous niacinamide serum because of the added zinc that irritates my skin. I really like the concept of this product because it’s 100% niacinamide so it doesn’t have any filler ingredients added and the fact that I can use it to make my own DIY cream concoctions is a huge plus.

What are my expectations? A lot of products from The Ordinary are either hit or miss for me but I expect to get good results with this product so I’m not quite sure what to expect. I appreciate a lot when beauty brands release products that can be used in a very personalized way. The only downside I’ve already seen with this product is that the instructions look ridiculous. The teeny tiny spatula that comes in the package isn’t really appropriate for measuring and I’m pretty sure it’ll get lost easily.

How am I going to the use it? I’m going to use the powder mixed with my favourite water-based moisturizer once a day. I won’t be combining it with other products because I want to see how the niacinamide alone works for me. As for the instructions, I’m going to overlook them because I’m pretty sure that I’m able to mix the right amount without having to measure 1/4 scoop with the spatula.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer – Hydrating Gel Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I’ve been raving about tinted moisturizers a few times since starting this blog but I thought it would be interesting to write more in-depth about one of my favourite tinted moisturizers, the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer that is my go-to product when I want my makeup to look effortless yet glowing.

The Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer is one of the first bareMinerals products that I’ve ever tried and it’s giving me very good feeling about the brand. The quality is great, the packaging looks sleek and the product itself is easy to use. According to bareMinerals, it’s a clean and nourishing multi-tasking tinted gel-cream packed with a bunch of great ingredients usually found in skincare products. Tinted moisturizers are skincare-makeup hybrids that mixes the benefits of both skincare and makeup, but depending of the season and the specific needs of your skin, you might need to use proper moisturizer or other type of face cream under your tinted moisturizer.

The Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer is a perfect product for summer when makeup gets lighter and more effortless. I find it looks great on tanned summer skin because it lets the natural skin colour and texture show through. It also enhances natural skin glow and evens out little imperfections. Paired with a hint of liquid blush and cream bronzer, it looks beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s hydrating enough for winter and it doesn’t look great if you match it with a bunch of powder products. I’ve layered this product several times with different powder formulas and the result is most often quite disapointing because the powder products that I usually love apply patchy over it and blend unevenly, especially around my cheeks.

Overall, I’m still very happy with this product. On daily basis, I prefer products that require minimal effort which is why I like multi-purpose products like this so much. I wouldn’t recommend using it in place of a proper foundation if your makeup routine is very extensive since it doesn’t combine well with heavy layers of makeup. But if you like minimal makeup that looks very natural, this is a great product to try.

Ten Tips to Cut Down on Plastic

I’ve been trying to cut down on plastic as much as possible. It’s been quite difficult because plastic is everywhere and organic alternatives to plastic are still quite hard to find. By no means I’m living completely plastic-free life but I’m doing as much as I can and I think it’s what matters the most.

What I’ve learned when trying to cut down on plastic is that most of the plastic I use isn’t actually recyclable. Cotton swabs, food and makeup packaging, storage products, empty beauty products and take-away packages often goes to the landfill where they pollute both land and water. Here are my top ten tips on how to cut down on plastic easily.

Replace bottled soaps and shampoos with bar soaps and shampoos. Bar products last longer than bottled products and they are better for the environment too! A lot of companies now sell quality bar soaps and shampoos that look and smell good.

Ditch single-use beauty products. If you ask me, single-use plastic should be banned globally. Most of the single-use plastic ends up in the landfill while the use of it could be sanctioned quite easily. Single-use beauty products are often full of plastic and other polluting materials, I’m sure you and the planet are better off without them!

Always carry a canvas bag with you. I always carry a canvas bag in my handbag. I find it so satisfying to say “no” when a cashier asks me if I want a flimsy plastic bag for my purchases. If you find easing into a zero-waste lifestyle hard, this is a small and easy step that makes a huge impact.

Adiós, polyester. Ditching polyester is the best thing you can do to your wardrobe and it helps saving the planet! Polyester is cheap but the quality is also low. Save for clothes made of natural fabrics that last for years and can be recycled.

Cut down on takeouts. Make your own coffee and cook your own food. I like to order takeouts every now and then when I’m feeling lazy but let’s face it, they create a lot of unnecessary plastic waste that could easily be avoided.

Upcycle empty plastic boxes and bottles. Upcycling is a great zero-waste practice to keep in mind if you need to reorganize storage space in the kitchen or if you want to decorate your house on a small budget. I often keep plastic boxes and bottles that are sturdy and use them as kitchen containers.

Buy recycled plastic. Some companies sell products made of recycled plastic that are absolutely fabulous. Supporting companies that strive for better planet is important and more exciting than shopping in chain stores.

Invest in a good water filter. A quality water filter is life-saver. Invest in a good filter because it makes life much easier and helps you to cut down on plastic.

Avoid online shopping. Online purchases are so bad for the environment. Whenever possible, choose local shops over online stores to reduce unecessary package waste. These days, I shop online as little as possible and only when I want to purchase something from small brands that don’t have physical stores where I live.

Buy in bulks. If possible, buy groceries in bulks. The package waste is smaller and you can plan your meals better when you have you fridge and food cabinets stocked up.

New In: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Loose Setting Powder

And just like that, it’s the second of January 2021. This year, I want to grow my blog more and I’m thinking of introducing a few new concepts and topics to this site. One of them is “New In” articles in which I write about my beauty purchases. Whenever I buy a new product, I’ll show it here and after three months of use, I’ll let you know if it has met my expectations. Let’s start this with my most recent beauty purchase, the infamous IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Loose Setting Powder that I bought on Cult Beauty.

Why I bought it? I needed a powder that I could use to set my makeup. I’d been eyeing a few different powders for months but I couldn’t decide which one to buy. I’ve always preferred loose translucent powders over pressed powders so when I found this IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Loose Setting Powder in a small size on Cult Beauty I decided to splurge on it to see if it really works as well as all the reviews claim.

What are my expectations? IT Cosmetics is a renowned brand and especially known for their base makeup products. I have high expectations for this powder because most online reviews rate it very well. IT Cosmetics claims that this powder can be used over makeup and on bare face. I expect it to give very natural and satin finish without the need to retouch my makeup every few hours.

How am I going to the use it? I’m going to use it mostly over tinted moisturizer or on my bare face. I hardly ever wear foundation these days so for me it’s important that the powder I use keeps oils at bay. For special occasions, I want to try velvety base with bright and defined 60s styled eye makeup and nude lipstick. I think that powders will make a huge comeback in 2021.

My Five Sustainable Beauty Resolutions for 2021

This year has been a shitshow to say the least and I think we are collectively more than ready to start 2021. My resolutions for the new year are all about sustainability, aligning my actions with my ethics and feeling good from inside out. In 2021 I want to start to…

Support local brands. Buying local has many benefits. It reduces environmental impact, protects local communities and promotes sustainability. I know that a lot of Spanish beauty brands are worth investing in and my number one beauty resolution for 2021 is to buy more locally sourced beauty products. I also want to start promoting more local brands in this platform too so stay tuned for a lot of interesting new content!

Eat more greens. Following a plant-based diet is good for the planet and I really want to start eating more greens again. I haven’t eaten red meat or chicken for over five years but I’ve been munching on plant-based meat alternatives too much recently, thanks to my partner who is slowly transitioning into a plant-based diet too and is loving all the mock meats. Greens are much better option for my skin and my overall well-being than processed food so I feel commited to start eating more fruits and vegetables again.

Try more zero-waste beauty practices. Most beauty trends create unnecessary waste and are very unsustainable. In 2021, I want to simplify my beauty routine even more and add product-free practices, such as face massages and steaming, to my routine. I also want to replace more products I use with zero-waste alternatives.

Quit single-use plastic. In 2021, I want to become more educated on how plastic is used in beauty products and how to avoid buying and using plastic that can’t be recycled.

Replace used products with organic and cruelty-free alternatives. I still own some products that aren’t cruelty-free so my goal for 2021 is to finally replace them with cruelty-free, vegan and organic alternatives. I have very senstivite and problematic skin so I need to be quite careful with the skincare products I use. I find that it’s difficult to find good organic alternatives to the products I truly trust, so if you know good cruelty-free and organic brands for sensitive skin, please share your recommendations in the comments.

What beauty resolutions have you made for 2021?